Welcome to DidHeLikeIt.com, your official guide and translator for all the Broadway theater reviews by Ben Brantley, the chief theater critic for the The New York Times... and The World (insert evil and high pitched Ben Brantley laugh here).

We developed DidHeLikeIt.com for two reasons.

1. Everyone wants to know if Ben Brantley and The New York Times liked a Broadway show or not.

2. No one actually wants to read the reviews.

(And for the few that do read them, no one can understand them anyway. I mean, really . . . can someone explain what this description of a play really means: "It's like a late-night phone call from a friend in crisis who begins by cracking wise and ends by sobbing convulsively.")

At DidHeLikeIt.com, you can find out if He liked it or not with a quick glance at our Ben-ometer. And presto, you've just saved yourselves three hours of trying to decipher the latest linguistics lessons from Mr. Brantley!

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However, contrary to The New York Times' belief, the world doesn't revolve around him. Therefore, we also use the Ben-ometer for all of the other prominent publications in town so you can see whether or not the wanna-be Brantleys liked the show or not as well. Click the link for each show to the left to get reviews from VarietyNewsdayUSA TodayDaily News, and more.

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