Plunging Into Polyamory With ‘How to Transcend a Happy Marriage’

Posted on: March 21st, 2017 by admin No Comments

In 1969, two married couples took off their clothes and jumped into one accommodatingly wide bed. Thus did Paul Mazursky’s satirical film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice claim a little piece of cinematic immortality, while putting a knowing finger on a middle-class American pulse that throbbed with both lust and anxiety about the sexual revolution that was said to be sweeping the country.

Ah, the clumsiness, the tortured soul-searching, the naïveté of those heady, experimental times. People today of course are far more at ease with their bodies and their vast potential for erotic self-expression. Why, just look at Paul and George and Michael and Jane, the uneasily swinging spouses of Sarah Ruhl’s How to Transcend a Happy Marriage, which opened on Monday night at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center.